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« Janvier 2019 »

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Préparation de l'épreuve d'anglais du Baccalauréat

Travail sur le thème du Progrès en filière L

In preparation for the theme ‘Progress’ , Solange visited the headquarters of ‘Lifestraw’ in Lausanne .

This company has created,among other things , a drinking bottle which comes with a straw which kills 99.9 per cent of all bacteria making it possible for humans to drink water from almost any source .  

It is particularly useful in disaster zones such as after earthquakes etc.

At present ‘Lifestraw’ is donating their system on a larger scale to many schools in Kenya and India. 

A truly incredible device saving thousands of lives.Solange had the opportunity to interview the head of Human Resources in her office in Lausanne who gave her the gift of a Lifestraw as well as the possibility of demonstrating how the device works to her classmates .

An interesting and active experience within the theme of Progress !